Friday Funday!

April happens to be my favorite month of the year. It’s a great representation of spring and soon to be summer. The horses are settled in to the fact that summer is on the way, and they aren’t as crazy under saddle. This month also hosts my birthday. bday

Who doesn’t love their birthday? I sure do, not for the gifts, or the attention. I love my birthday because I know if I didn’t have one, I wouldn’t be here.

Also, the first day of this month is one of the biggest prank days of the year: April Fool’s. Whether you’re a fan of this day or not, it happens. People all over the world, for months, think up some good fools to surprise their friends. I have participated in this holiday, but don’t anymore because I’m just plain boring, I guess. But, this April Fool’s Day happens to be on a Friday, so prank away friends, you have all weekend to recover from it.tulip

So, April, welcome. May you bring the rain and sunshine and allow the warmer months to follow gracefully. Happy Friday everyone, I hope y’all have a great weekend. Enjoy the flowers sprouting up from the ground, reading great books outside, and spending time with your furry friends.


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