January Nanowrimo

Most writers partake in the November grind of Nanowrimo and each ynanoear, I set my heart out to writing something new. But each year I fail. It makes me laugh thinking about it. November for me is a busy month, as is December. So this year, my friend Alyssa and I have decided to do our own Nano in the month of January. It’s going to be a fresh start to the new year with a new story to work on and motivation to sustain us the rest of the year. We hope. January seems like a good month to do Nano since we can never accomplish the 50,000 word goal in November.

What do you think?  Can you commit to writing 50,000 words in January in support of a fresh writing start of the new year?

Now that I’ve committed to this, I’ll tell you a little something about what I plan to write. There are actually two stories I want to get down in 2017.

The first is a young adult dystopian called THE FOG.

This is not a real book cover

In a communist country where the government chooses who you are and how you live, Keltie Robinson and her criminal family of four thrive as assassins underground with the rest of the Revolutionaries. Keltie’s life has been a steady stream of training and missions since they moved underground, and now she wants out. To escape life in the United States, Keltie and her family must travel through the deadliest fog anyone’s ever seen. Only passing through to the other side will give them access to freedom and a new world they’ve all dreamed of.


And the second book is a new adult, romantic suspense called BLEEDING ALONE following my debut novel Bleeding Hearts, published in August of 2016.

Ruby Mae Lavender, an art student at VCU finds joy in creating contemporary paintings to display all around campus. When one of her pieces catches the eye of the misrepresented museum curator, Josh Moore, she is enthralled by his praises. Not only is he handsome and kind, he will also help her get noticed in the art world. As Josh and Ruby Mae start their relationship as business colleagues and as a couple, they start to uncover dark secrets about one another. Can Ruby Mae forgive Josh for the past he knew nothing about until now, or will she dismiss him like she has with her previous boyfriends?

Will you take the plunge with us and write 50,000 words in January?



Nanowrimo… What is it?

Well, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a non-profit program where writersnano and authors from all around the world write their story in one month. That month is November! Yes, during the holidays you may see strange posts about people talking about winning Nanowrimo.

How do you win?

Simply hit that 50,000 word mark. All you have to do is write 1, 667 words per day for the whole month of November and you are a winner. It doesn’t matter if you plan out your novel beforehand (like so many people do) or if you start with a single idea and pants your way through. There’s no ‘right’ way to win Nano.

What am I writing this year?

I don’t always participate in Nano, but this year I have a goal in which I plan on sticking to. I’m working on a Young Adult suspense titled SCARRED. Jules Martinez was in love at fifteen, but her love story turned into a nightmare when she found herself a victim of domestic abuse. To help with her fear and ending a bad relationship, she joins a mixed martial arts gym, training every day. Now eighteen years old and ready to go to college, she still suffers from her past. But it gets worse when Christopher comes back into her life again.



Sound fun? Here’s a meme I made for my book. You never know, this might be the next book I publish.

This is only day two, but I’ve written more today then I ever have during Nano. Let’s see how much you can write.

So, stretch out those fingers, open your mind and start writing. You may be surprised on what you come up with.

Happy Writing!